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Improve your cinema security posture

Most cinemas start with a Gap assessment or a light weight security framework. A Gap assessment is where we go over where your cinema currently is at vs where it should be. A gap list is created with prioritized recommendations. A security framework prioritizes what should be done next and helps make sure that nothing gets missed in your security posture.

After some initial progress many cinemas find it helpful to transition to a weekly or monthly cadence. We go over what was accomplished, what should be accomplished next, and how we can assist you in getting there.

Other Cinema Security Services Offered

  • Risk assessments – identify risks and likelihood
  • Vulnerability scanning – scan hosts and applications for known vulnerabilities
  • Assistance with compliance - Work with you to help you achieve PCI compliance
  • Awareness training – Come to you for an engaging and impactful training with your staff
  • Pentesting – First scope is defined for what you want to test then we attempt to break in using the same means criminals do. We provide a detailed report of what we were able to gain access to and how we gained it. The report is used to shore up deficiencies or validate controls in place. We generally recommend a gap assessment and a vulnerability assessment prior to a pentest.
  • Phishing campaigns – send emails to your staff to validate awareness training or benchmark who needs additional training.

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