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Making your website accessible for everyone

What is web accessibility?

Web accessibility is about making websites accessible to everyone, those with low vision, color blindness, blindness, deaf and hard of hearing, motor disabilities, cognitive disabilities, etc. As a cinema you are aware of ADA, assisted listening and captioning but may not have realized that this applies to your website as well. We care about making the web more accessible.

If you want to learn more about web accessibility visit our partner WebAIM.

Web Accessibility Services

There are some challenges for web accessibility as your site grows. We partnered with WebAIM to create Dinolytics that scans your site for common web accessibility issues. Clients on Pope Tech Cinema Platform are tested with Dinolytics each month and all errors are remediated.

We also offer manual testing services, training, and consultation. Our devlopers and designers are trained in web accessibility to build your site in an accessible manner.

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